The operation is essentially simple and usually requires a short duration.  Both jaws can be treated simultaneously. 


An incision will be made via the gum in order to expose the jawbone.  The implant will be inserted, and then the incision will be closed with resorbable/absorbable stitches.  The gum area will heal within one to two weeks.  It takes approximately three months for osseointegration (close relationship of the bone to the implant) of the implant. 


Implants can be placed as a one or two stage surgery.  If primary stability is achieved (i.e. the implant is secure in place at the time of placement), one stage surgery can be done, i.e. a healing cap can be placed at the same time of implant placement.  If the implant is placed in soft bone or at the same time as a grafting procedure, then two stage surgery is required (i.e. the implant is buried in the bone and allowed to heal for two to three months, depending on the implant system used, then at the end of the healing period, the second stage surgery is carried out.  This involves uncovering the implant with a small gum incision then attaching the healing cap.


Impressions/moulds of the implant/s will then be taken for the fabrication of the restoration/s planned.