The British Dental Health Foundation started Mouth Cancer Action Month as a charity campaign which aims to raise awareness of mouth cancer and make a difference by saving thousands of lives through early detection and prevention. Mouth cancer kills 1 person every 5 hours. The disease has grown by a third in the last decade – and remains one of very few cancers which are predicted to increase further in the coming years making this campaign important.


Top 8 symptoms of oral cancer

  1. An ulcer or white or red patch anywhere in the mouth that does not heal within 3 weeks
  2. A lump or swelling anywhere in the mouth, jaw or neck that persists for more than 3 weeks
  3. A difficulty in swallowing, chewing or moving the tongue or jaw
  4. A swelling of the jaw that causes dentures to fit poorly o become uncomfortable
  5. Numbness of the tongue or other area of the mouth
  6. A feeling that something is caught in the throat
  7. A chronic sore throat or hoarseness that persists more than 6 weeks
  8. An unexplained loosening of teeth with no obvious dental cause