After a surgical procedure you can expect the following:

  • Some bleeding/oozing from the surgical site
  • Bruising of the adjacent soft tissue
  • Swelling occurs as part of the normal healing process reaching its maximum three days after the surgery, and then it tends to subside
  • Some discomfort after the local anaesthetic wears off.  You will be advised which pain killer/s will be best to take after the procedure.  Be sure to follow the recommendations with regards to the dose and frequency of the medication prescribed.  Ensure that we know all the medications you are regularly taking, if any, to ensure that minimum interaction occurs between them and the safe administration of the drugs prescribed.
  • You may have stitches following your surgical procedure.  The type of stitches we use in the practice is absorbable.  They generally fall out within 5-7 days. Therefore there is no need to book an appointment especially for their removal. However, depending on the surgical procedure you had, you may be given a review appointment to check the progress of healing at the site of surgery.