• Always use your fingers to place, remove or adjust your denture. 
  • Do not bite the denture into its position, as this will result in stresses to both your teeth and your dentures leading to fractures. 


To keep your denture clean

Brush your denture every day (ideally after every meal) using a soft to medium brush

Use liquid soap or special denture cream with cold or lukewarm water.

Do not use normal tooth paste to clean the denture as it tends to be abrasive to the denture base and leaves a residue.

Do not use hot or boiling water as it can cause the denture to crack or distort.

It is best to clean your denture over a basin of water or a folded towel to prevent any damage from occurring should you drop them accidentally.


You can also soak your denture for 10 minutes using a special solution or tablet following the product manufacturer’s instructions.

If you are wearing a partial denture, do not forget to brush your remaining natural teeth too to keep them healthy.


Care at night

It is recommended that dentures are removed overnight to allow your gums to rest and the blood supply to restore the tone of the underlying tissue.  Ensure that the denture is kept moist in a container of water when it is not in your mouth, as it can otherwise dry out and distort out of shape.