Bone augmentation maybe required if sufficient bone is not present.  This can be

1. Xenograft bone: This is harvested from animals, most commonly treated bovine bone (cow).   This is usually used if the graft required is small.  

2. Autogenous bone: This is your own bone taken from a different site to the site of the implant).  The autogenous bone can be taken from another part of the mouth or the iliac crest (the hip). 

3. Allograft bone: This is similar to your own bone but it is taken from a human donor that is rigorously checked and  sterilised before use.

4. Alloplastic bone: This is a synthetic man made version of bone.  


A barrier membrane is usually placed over the graft to prevent its resorption whilst the healing process is taking place.  This eventually gets resorbed and replaced with your own tissue.  All bone grafts get assimilated within and into your natural jaw bone overtime.


Depending on the amount of augmentation needed, you will be advised of the type of graft that is most suitable for you.